Wedding FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

– Should I notify my guests that we are having an outdoor ceremony?

Yes, this will alert guests to dress accordingly (i.e., flat or thick heeled shoes for women, shawls, umbrellas etc.).

– I would like to hire a wedding coordinator, but my budget is tight. How should I proceed?

It is always best and most cost effective to hire a coordinator that has worked in the Westchester area previously because she/he will be most familiar with vendors, hotels, rental companies and logistics.

– If your budget does not permit you to hire a coordinator to help with the planning, perhaps you can hire a coordinator to assist on the day of your wedding.

– If I do not hire a wedding coordinator, does Monteverde at Oldstone coordinate the wedding?

For every wedding, there is an event leader and an assistant who will coordinate the day.

Monteverde will guide you through the following:

Tastings: We offer one tasting for a maximum of 6 guests. We do not allow children at tastings.

The tasting is a sample of the Chef’s style of cooking, not to taste specific dishes. Tastings are schedule only the off-season, November to April.

Upon receipt of your signed contract and initial deposit, we will forward our Wedding Day Breakfast and Luncheon Menus, a Pre-Ceremony Liquor Menu and After Party information.

Five to six months prior to your wedding, we will forward a planning letter which will review important timeline information and planning details, a Wedding Day Overview form (to be completed by the Engager), suggestions for a Family & Friends timeline and a preliminary reception floorplan. Additionally, we will request a list of your vendors and their contact information.

Three months prior to your wedding all menus are finalized. Linens: Payments for linens are the Engager’s responsibility. Monteverde will assist you in ordering your linens and place your linen order with the rental company if need be.

Upon receipt of your completed Wedding Questionnaire, we prepare a preliminary “Run of Show” which is a logistical timeline for your wedding day, we revise your floorplan, contact all your vendors for their Certificates of Insurance and forward your vendors our “Vendor Instructions”.

One month prior to your wedding we will obtain your final guest count, finalize the “Run of Show” and the floorplan. Revise your linen order (if needed).

We will “check in” with your vendors the week prior to discuss load in, load out and set-up requirements.

We suggest that you stop in the week prior to drop off your favors, place cards, programs etc., which are stored in a designated location.

If you do not have a wedding coordinator, we will coordinate the ceremony rehearsal.

On the morning of your wedding, a member of our event team and housekeeping are here prior to your arrival to get you settled in to commence your bridal preparations.

Our event team checks in with you periodically throughout the day while you are getting ready and are always available by cell phone.

Our event team will show your vendors where to set-up.

We check in with you approximately 25 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.

Approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony, Monteverde’s event team will ask your guests to be seated on the lower Grand Lawn for the ceremony.

Once all your guests have vacated the Upper Lawn, we will “line up” the bridal party and coordinate the procession.

After the ceremony, we will direct your guests to the stone patio for the cocktail hour.

For your reception, Monteverde’s event team will coordinate the line-up of the bridal party at the top of the stairwell (at the tented pavilion) and notify our captain and your band/DJ that you are ready to be announced.

Monteverde’s event team will coordinate all the elements of the reception (i.e., first dance, speeches, cutting of the cake, etc.).

We suggest that you assign family/friends to help collect the gifts and other wedding related items (i.e., one person can collect your gifts after the cocktail hour and place them in your suite, another person can collect the knife used to cut the cake at the conclusion of the reception etc.).

The Week Prior to the Wedding

– Can I drop off escort cards, guest books, clothing etc. prior to my wedding/event?

Yes, you can deliver wedding/event related items one week prior to your wedding/event. Please schedule an appointment with Monteverde to drop off these items. Upon your arrival please “check in” with Monteverde’s event staff. They will instruct you where your items will be stored.

– When can my rentals be delivered?

All rental deliveries/pick-ups must be coordinated with Monteverde at Oldstone.

– Monteverde at Oldstone accepts rental deliveries Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

– If there is not an event the day prior to your wedding/event, the rentals can be delivered and set-up the day prior between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

– If there is an event on the day prior or, the day after your wedding/event, rentals will need to be delivered and picked up on the day of your wedding.

– We prefer all linens to be delivered as follows: Friday Weddings – Wednesday delivery, Saturday Weddings – Thursday delivery, Sunday Weddings – Friday Delivery. We do not allow our clients to purchase their own linens and have them shipped to Monteverde without Monteverde Management Approval. Monteverde does not have a facility to press linens.

– Monteverde at Oldstone is not open on the Mondays following a holiday weekend such as Memorial Day or Labor Day. The rentals that need to be returned will need to be collected on either the night of your wedding/event or, on Tuesday. Due to the holiday weekend, delivery and pick up of your rentals may incur an additional charge.

– Can my wedding cake be delivered the day prior to my wedding?

– Monteverde at Oldstone accepts deliveries between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. only. Please notify Monteverde event office of your delivery date/time.

Does Monteverde have Valet Service?

Yes, Monteverde does have Valet Service. Valet Service will begin one hour prior to your ceremony and will continue until the end of your reception.

The Wedding Day

– On the wedding day, what time can the bride, groom and bridal party “check in” at Monteverde at Oldstone?

The bride and her bridesmaids are welcome to “check in” at 10:00 a.m. into the Bridal Lounge and salon. Due to fire code regulations, Monteverde only permits a maximum of 20 people on the second floor of the mansion.

– The Groom and the groomsmen are welcome to rent one of our guest rooms in the Garden Cottage to get ready, or they can arrive dressed and relax in our bar/bar lounge area. However, if the bridal couple are renting a suite on the second floor of the mansion, the groomsmen are welcome to get ready in the salon.

– Does Monteverde provide food for our bridal party/family while we are getting ready for the wedding?

According to New York State Health and Liquor Laws, the Engager or any of their guests are not permitted to bring in their own food/liquor/beverages into Monteverde. We offer a breakfast menu, lunch menu and a Pre-Ceremony Liquor Menu for purchase. Food platters and beverages are delivered to mansion’s second floor hallway. If you and your fiancé do not want to see each other prior to the ceremony, Monteverde can deliver food/beverages for the groom/groomsmen to the bar/bar lounge. (Note: Platters cannot be “split” between two locations).

– I have elderly/handicap guests attending my wedding at Monteverde. Does Monteverde assist them in navigating the property?

Yes, Monteverde has two golf carts that can transport handicapped guests to the ceremony, cocktail hour and the reception. (Note: Only Monteverde’s staff is permitted to drive the golf carts.)

– Where are guests permitted to smoke at Monteverde?

Monteverde has three designated areas: a) Mansion: to the left of the mansion’s front door on the grass (at the teak table and chairs) b) Tented Pavilion: at the far end of the restroom trailer bordering the parking lot (at the teak table and chairs) c) Garden House: on the grassy area across the driveway from Room #5.

– Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the mansion, its guest rooms, salons, its attached terraces or in any of our Garden House rooms.

– Illegal drugs, including marijuana, are strictly prohibited at Monteverde.

Although marijuana is legal in the State of New York, Monteverde is a private property and we do not allow its use on our property. If a guest is using marijuana or any illegal substance on our property they will be directed to leave immediately.

– Can I display my escort cards on a clothesline tied between two trees?

Yes, you can display your escort cards on a clothesline tied between two trees. However, nothing can be nailed or tacked to any trees on the estate.

– Are drones permitted at Monteverde?

Drones are not permitted at Monteverde.

– Does Monteverde have easels for signs?

Yes, Monteverde has three brass easels that you are welcome to use for wedding signage.


– Can we have a ceremony rehearsal at Monteverde?

Yes, you are welcome to have a ceremony rehearsal at Monteverde. Generally, ceremony rehearsals are held the day prior to your wedding or on the day of your wedding. If you would like to host your ceremony rehearsal the day prior to your wedding, the time that your ceremony rehearsal will be held is contingent upon if Monteverde is hosting an event on that day. Monteverde will confirm the time of your ceremony rehearsal two months prior to your wedding date. Outdoor ceremony rehearsals are not permitted after sundown.

– Who will coordinate my rehearsal if my officiant or wedding coordinator (if hired) is not available?

The Monteverde event leader for your wedding will coordinate your rehearsal.

– Can my guests arrive earlier than the start time for the ceremony?

Yes, Monteverde does encourage guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to the ceremony. For a 5:00 p.m. ceremony start, we suggest that you write, “Ceremony at 4:30 p.m.” on your invitations.

– Does Monteverde have a portable microphone that I can use for my ceremony?

Yes, Monteverde has a portable microphone, stand and amplifier that can be used for the ceremony.

– Does Monteverde have an arch that I can use for my wedding ceremony?

Yes, Monteverde has a metal arch that can be used for your ceremony.

– What is Monteverde’s inventory of white garden chairs?

Monteverde has 300 white garden chairs.

– Who is responsible to “set up” the chairs for a ceremony at Monteverde?

Monteverde’s staff will set up and breakdown the ceremony chairs. (Unless, it is a kosher then Foremost Ram will set-up and dismantle the wedding chairs).

– Is there an electrical outlet on the lower Grand Lawn?

Yes, there is an electrical outlet on the lower Grand Lawn. Please advise ceremony musicians to bring a 20’ extension cord.

– How will my guests know when the ceremony is about to begin, if I am not hiring a wedding coordinator?

Monteverde’s event staff will be “checking in” with the bride periodically throughout the day. Approximately 20-25 minutes prior to the ceremony, Monteverde’s event team will “check in” with the bride, if the bride is ready, the event team will then request that guests be seated for the ceremony.

– My ceremony musicians are playing for the cocktail hour. When do they relocate to the stone patio?

While your guests are departing the ceremony site, the ceremony musicians should continue to play ceremony related music. Once all of your guests have transitioned to the stone stairwell, the musicians can then transition to their predetermined cocktail hour location.

– Who would be responsible to repurpose the ceremony flowers for the reception?

Your florist is responsible to move your ceremony flowers from the ceremony to the reception site. The florist will move the flowers once all of your guests have transitioned from the ceremony site to the cocktail hour site.

– Can my guests throw flower petals at the ceremony recession?

Monteverde permits flower petals to be thrown at your ceremony recession. However, your florist must rake/sweep up all petals and dispose of them. (Throwing rice and bird seed is not permitted at Monteverde).

The Cocktail Hour

– What lawn games are permitted at Monteverde?

Badminton, Volleyball, Croquet, Life size Jenga, Corn Hole, Bocce Ball and Ultimate Frisbee are permitted at Monteverde. Monteverde at Oldstone permits these games to be played on the Southeast Lawn only.

– Who supplies the lawn games?

The bridal couple supplies the lawn games, or Monteverde has a rentable lawn game package for $250.

– Who sets up the lawn games?

Family, friends, your wedding coordinator. If you are renting lawn games from Monteverde we will set them up.

The Reception in the Tented Pavilion/Mansion

– What needs to be rented for my reception?

If your reception is in the tent or in the mansion, you will need to rent tablecloths, napkins and optional chair cushions if you will be using the Chiavari chairs.

– What is the dimension of the tented pavilion?

The tent is 60’ X 90’, and can seat up to a maximum 360 guests for dinner and dancing.

– What size tables are in the tent?

Monteverde has 30 – 60” round tables in the tent. 60” round tables seat 8-10 guests.

– What are the dimensions of the dance floor in the tented pavilion?

The dimensions of the dance floor in the tented pavilion are 22’ (x) 27’.

– Can I increase the size of the dance floor?

Yes, you are welcome to increase the size of the dance floor. If you would like to order additional flooring to match Monteverde’s “dark oak” parquet floor, please order the flooring from Event Deck. Contact:, (212)953-1117 or,*

*Monteverde charges $1,500.00 to remove our current dance floor for any custom flooring to be installed and charges $1,000.00 to add additional flooring to our existing dance floor.*

– Can I use candles in the tent?

Fire code in the tent permits the use of glass enclosed candles such as votive candles, hurricanes or lanterns only.

– Candelabras can only be used in the tent with LED lights.

Extremely tall or unweighted candelabras/vases are not recommended in the tented pavilion due to the possibility of sudden gusts of wind from the river. Please review all tent décor with Monteverde’s event department prior to the wedding. If décor is not approved prior to the wedding and it does not meet fire code/safety regulations, Monteverde will not permit its use in the tent.

– Can I have chandeliers, twinkle lights, pin lights or Chinese lanterns in the tent?

Chandeliers can only be hung between the two center poles in the tent. The maximum total weight for the chandeliers is 150 lbs. of dispersed weight.

– Monteverde has 5 crystal chandeliers that feature a 2’ arm span. There is an additional cost of $200 (+) tax per chandelier to rent, install and dismantle ($1000 (+) tax for all 5 chandeliers). Monteverde at Oldstone will invoice you separately for the rental/installation/dismantling of the chandeliers.

– Only the following vendors are permitted at Monteverde to install additional lighting such as: twinkle lights, pin lights, spots, washes or Chinese lanterns in the tented pavilion: Larry Lustberg with Stortz Lighting (434) 996-8000 and Luc Stapleman with LNJ Tech

Services at (845) 219-8442 LNJ also supplies audio visual equipment.

– Can I place our bridal table between the main entrance to the tent and the dance floor?

Fire code does not permit any tables to be placed between the main entrance of the tent and the dance floor.

– Does Monteverde have a sweetheart table?

Monteverde has a 5’ x 30” rectangular table that can be used as a sweetheart table.

– Does Monteverde have a cake table?

Yes, Monteverde has a 36” round cake table on wheels. However, if your reception is in the mansion, many couples place their cake on the round decorative table located at the base of the stairwell leading into the Grand Dining Room.

– What is Monteverde’s inventory on Chiavari ballroom chairs?

Monteverde has 300 Chiavari chairs.

– What size tables are in the mansion?

10 – 51” round tables and 10 – 36” square tables are in the mansion. The 51” tables seat 6 guests and the 36” square tables seat 4 guests.

Also, you are welcome to use the 60” round tables in the mansion. The 60” round tables seat 8-10 guests and are best suited for the Veranda Dining Room and the Governor’s Dining Room.

– What is the seating capacity for the first floor in the mansion?

1) The maximum seating capacity on the first floor of the mansion (without dancing in the mansion) 150 guests.

2) The maximum seating capacity on the first floor of the mansion (with dancing in the mansion) 110 guests.

3) From April – October when the hip and frame tent is erected over the terrace surrounding the Grand Dining Room, the maximum seating capacity on the terrace is 60 guests.

If the weather permits, Monteverde allows dancing on the terrace surrounding the Grand Dining Room.

– What is the maximum seating capacity in each of the three dining rooms located on the first floor of the mansion?

The Grand Dining Room – 60 guests (10 – 51” tables)

The Veranda Dining Room – 50 guests (5 – 60” round tables)

The Governor’s Dining Room – 40 guests (4 – 60” round tables)


– Who does Monteverde recommend for linen/chair cushion rentals? You will need to rent tablecloths, napkins and optional chair cushions for the Chiavari chairs.

Party LTD. – – (201) 727-4700. Party LTD does carry specialty linens.

Smith Party Rental – (203) 869-9315 – Ellen

The Finishing Touch – (516) 827-7433

Durant’s Party Rentals – (845) 298-0011 open 7 days

– Who does Monteverde recommend for stage or heater and A/C rentals?

Cartwright and Daughters – – (845) 225-9200

Durant’s Party Rentals – (845) 298-0011 open 7 days

Party Time Rentals – (845) 226-2447

– When should the bride and groom rent the linens/chair cushions?

Monteverde’s event team will assist the bride and groom in ordering the linens. Linen orders can be placed once Monteverde has received a completed linen requisition form from the bridal couple.

– If items are rented from two different rental companies, who is responsible to separate the rentals to ensure that they get returned to the proper rental company?

It is best to rent all rentals from one company. However, if more than one company is used, either your wedding coordinator or Monteverde’s event team will separate your rentals by rental-company and will assign each rental company with a different location on the estate to collect their rentals.

After Party

– Can we have an After Party at Monteverde?

Yes, you can host an After Party at Monteverde for a minimum of 30 guests. An After Party at Monteverde must not exceed a two-hour period and must not end later than 1:00 a.m.

If you are serving alcohol wine or beer at an After Party, food must be served. Monteverde offers After Party food and liquor packages for purchase.

– The engager is required to hire one security guard for every 15 guests attending the After Party. Payment for the security guards is the responsibility of the Engager. Monteverde will invoice the Engager for the cost of the security guards.

– New York State Liquor Authority requires that all liquor be served by Monteverde’s licensed bartender only. No Exceptions. Monteverde does not permit the Engager or your guests to “self-pour” liquor at any time.

– Only Monteverde Restaurant can supply the liquor and food for an After Party or any event at Monteverde.

– If your After Party is to be outdoors at Monteverde, due to town noise ordinances, music must be soft (i.e., an acoustic guitar, small jazz combo or an IPOD).

– If you plan to use an IPOD for your After Party, remember to bring speakers.

– All payments for the After Party are due with your final site fee payment to Monteverde. This payment is due three weeks prior to your wedding/event.

Rain Option

– If the forecast for our wedding day is rain, when do we need to decide to use utilize our rain option?

– Although we will discuss the rain option the week prior, the final decision must be made by 1:00 pm on your wedding day.

Pets and Service Animals

– Although we love them, pets are not allowed at Monteverde. Monteverde follows the guidelines for service animals under the ADA. Emotional Support Animals or Comfort Animals are not considered service animals under the ADA guidelines and are therefore not permitted. We also do not allow pets to be left in guests vehicles while attending the wedding or for overnight stays.


– The Town of Cortlandt Manor has deemed that fireworks at Monteverde are unsafe and therefore not allowed.

Monteverde Hotel Policy

– How many rentable guest rooms are at Monteverde at Oldstone?

The Mansion:

The Van Cortlandt Suite – (King size bed) accommodates 2 guests.

The Ludlow Suite – (King size bed and a trundle bed) accommodates 4 guests.

The Hope Latham Guest Room – (Queen size bed) accommodates 2 guests, hall bath.

The Garden House:

6 guest rooms (Queen size beds) –Each room accommodates 2 guests and have private bathrooms.

– How do my guests reserve a room at Monteverde?

Please contact our office between the hours of 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday by phone at: 914-737-6555 to make a room reservation. Payment is made in full by credit card when the room is reserved.

– What time is guest room “check in”?

If there is not a wedding/event the day prior, all guests can “check into” the guest rooms at 2:00 p.m.

If there is an event/wedding the day prior, the “check in” for guest rooms is at 3:00 p.m.

– What time is “check out”?

Check out is promptly at 11:00 a.m. (no exceptions). If guests wish to remain in their rooms beyond 11:00 a.m., their credit cards will be charged accordingly.

– Does Monteverde have “cots” for children/additional guests?

Yes, Monteverde has cots that can be placed in designated guest rooms for an additional charge of $50.00 per cot/per night (+) tax. Please note Monteverde does not allow inflatable mattresses or sleeping bags to be brought into our guest rooms, and do not allow any more than 2 guests in each room, unless otherwise arranged with Monteverde (i.e., designated rooms have space for a rollaway bed/cot for an additional guest).

– Does Monteverde have “in house” food service?

No Monteverde restaurant is not open.

– Due to fire code regulations, Monteverde does not permit cooking in any suites/guest rooms.

– Monteverde does not allow guests to bring their own alcohol, beer, wine or food into any of our “common areas” for consumption. Common areas include outside on our grounds.

Monteverde Dining

Monteverde is Shown by Appointment Only

Please call or email Mary Ellen Fabry, Director of Events.
All weekend appointments must be scheduled by 5 p.m. on Friday.
Event Office: 914-737-6555

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