Wedding FAQ’S

Wedding Planning

Should I notify my guests that we are having an outdoor ceremony?
I would like to hire a wedding coordinator, but my budget is tight. How should I proceed?
If your budget does not permit you to hire a coordinator to help with the planning, perhaps you can hire a coordinator to assist on the day of your wedding.
If I do not hire a wedding coordinator, does Monteverde at Oldstone coordinate the wedding?
Is there a minimum guest count?
Monteverde will guide you through the following:

The Week Prior to the Wedding

Can I drop off escort cards, guest books, clothing etc. prior to my wedding/event?
When can my rentals be delivered?
Can my wedding cake be delivered the day prior to my wedding?
Does Monteverde have Valet Service?

The Wedding Day

On the wedding day, what time can the bride, groom and bridal party “check in” at Monteverde at Oldstone?
Does Monteverde provide food for our bridal party/family while we are getting ready for the wedding?
I have elderly/handicap guests attending my wedding at Monteverde. Does Monteverde assist them in navigating the property?
Where are guests permitted to smoke at Monteverde?
Can I display my escort cards on a clothesline tied between two trees?
Are drones permitted at Monteverde?
Does Monteverde have easels for signs?


Can we have a ceremony rehearsal at Monteverde?
Who will coordinate my rehearsal if my officiant or wedding coordinator (if hired) is not available?
Can my guests arrive earlier than the start time for the ceremony?
Does Monteverde have a portable microphone that I can use for my ceremony?
Does Monteverde have an arch that I can use for my wedding ceremony?
What is Monteverde’s inventory of white garden chairs?
Who is responsible for “setting up” the chairs for a ceremony at Monteverde?
Is there an electrical outlet on the lower Grand Lawn?
How will my guests know when the ceremony is about to begin, if I am not hiring a wedding coordinator?
My ceremony musicians are playing during the cocktail hour. When do they relocate to the stone patio?
Who would be responsible to repurpose the ceremony flowers for the reception?
Can my guests throw flower petals at the ceremony recession?

The Cocktail Hour

What lawn games are permitted at Monteverde?
Who supplies the lawn games?
Who sets up the lawn games?

The Reception in the Tented Pavilion/Mansion

What needs to be rented for my reception?
What is the dimension of the tented pavilion?
What size tables are in the tent?
What are the dimensions of the dance floor in the tented pavilion?
Can I increase the size of the dance floor?
Can I use candles in the tent?
Candelabras can only be used in the tent with LED lights.
Can I have chandeliers, twinkle lights, pin lights or Chinese lanterns in the tent?
Can I place our bridal table between the main entrance to the tent and the dance floor?
Does Monteverde have a sweetheart table?
Does Monteverde have a cake table?
What is Monteverde’s inventory on Chiavari ballroom chairs?
What size tables are in the mansion?
What is the seating capacity for the first floor in the mansion?
What is the maximum seating capacity in each of the three dining rooms located on the first floor of the mansion?


Who does Monteverde recommend for linen/chair cushion rentals?
Who does Monteverde recommend for stage or heater and A/C rentals?
When should the bride and groom rent the linens/chair cushions?
If items are rented from two different rental companies, who is responsible to separate the rentals to ensure that they get returned to the proper rental company?

After Party

Can we have an After Party at Monteverde?

Rain Option

If the forecast for our wedding day is rain, when do we need to decide to utilize our rain option?

Pets and Service Animals

Pets Allowed



Monteverde Hotel Policy

How many rentable guest rooms are at Monteverde at Oldstone?
How do my guests reserve a room at Monteverde?
What time is guest room “check in”?
What time is “check out”?
Does Monteverde have “cots” for children/additional guests?
Does Monteverde have “in house” food service?